Intuitive Metaphysical Healing




A true, pure, light worker.  My knee pain totally went away after 1 hour with her. Her readings are clear and accurate.  A gift to this planet.



I thought nothing had happened when I left after the 24 strand DNA process. Was I wrong!  A few weeks afterwards, I felt much more focused and present, more spontaneous.  My face is more relaxed, I feel confident and feel lots more energy in my heart and brow areas. And there is nowhere to go but up.  Thank you!      



Diandra is a highly developed spiritual being, blessed with extraordinary abilities. Healing is her gift; there is no doubt in my mind. All my encounters with Diandra were very powerful. I  knew from the first moment that I was dealing with a true healer. I met some other healers before, so I could see a difference.

Not knowing me at all, she read me as an open book and with precision pointed out what needed to be fixed. I was taken by her patient, compassionate and humble nature. She offered me insight and guidance that were beyond my expectations in their depth, and were of profound importance to my life.  Thank you Diandra for all your help. 



Thank you so much for my healing. I feel so much better. I am a lot calmer. I truly feel that this is a miracle because I suffered with my illness for 21 years.

You touched my inner being and healed me at the source. This is much more than any medical doctor could have done. Again, thank you.



In my experience with her, she zoned right into my issues. Everything she mentioned hit home and was on point. It was very "freeing". She recommended some things and it helped to add a new dimension to my life. She  gave me a reading on a very seriously ill friend and it was enormously soothing - to myself and all involved. Some of the words I have heard to describe Diandra are incredible, amazing, angelic and uplifting.




Tranquility   *   Peace   *   Love

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