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For first time patients:

There is a non-refundable prepayment fee of $250 to reserve your appointment with Diandra.

This prepayment fee will be applied to the services rendered at your visit.

Your appointment with Diandra is your special reserved time. 
There is an additional fee of $100 per person if there is more than 1 person per session.

There is no double booking of appointments.
There is a Broken Appointment Fee of $250 for same day cancellations or broken appointments.
You cannot be rescheduled until this Broken Appointment Fee of $250 is paid in full.

Metaphysical Healing Sessions:

60 minute healing session. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $250  
 Emergency appointments are available.  An additional $50 surcharge will be added to the regular fee.  
PayPal payment is for long distance Phone or Skype Sessions only. For In-person sessions, please call the office and pay by Credit Card, Check or Cash. 
30 minute healing session. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $150 
PayPal payment is for long distance Phone or Skype Sessions only. For In-person sessions, please call the office and pay by Credit Card, Check or Cash. 

Three - 60 minute healing sessions . . . . . . . $705 (prepaid at the first visit)

A one hour healing session can include all or any of the following:

Intuitive guidance, mediumship, angelic healing/clearing, karmic release, Reconnective healing,  Reiki, Neuro-Linguistic Programming or technique instruction for grounding. Please come with specific issues that you want addressed to maximize your visit.

24 Strand DNA Activation. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$250
Although our human species has evolved with a two-stranded DNA found in each of the twenty-three pairs of chromosomes in every cell of the body, this was not our original blueprint. Scientists are aware of extra strands they call "junk DNA". These disconnected strands are really an essential part of our original genetic blueprint. Activate your DNA for spiritual, emotional and physical health. See DNA Activation at The Brand Wellness Center for more information.

The Reconnection. . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . .$444

The Reconnection is a two-visit procedure that attunes you to the  healing unseen energy  around us. This  can result in uplifting unique personal changes. Your  meridians and acupressure points are aligned to the axiatonal lines of the earth. You may have any number of sensory  experiences  that correlate with your body being reconnected to the energetic force lines of the  universe. This is an incredibly transformational experience which only needs to be done once in your lifetime. See for more information.


I enjoy every session with Diandra because 
I feel my life changes after every visit.
Very uplifting experience.


All healing sessions are performed at

The Brand Wellness Center

19 West 34th Street

New York, NY 10001

(212) 947-0073

   Distance healings are also available by phone or Skype.


Psychic and Indigo Children

are welcome and guided at DiandraHealer.

Come to our serene office in Midtown Manhattan, NYC.

Tranquility   *   Peace   *   Love


Thank you so much for the incredible healing session today and for teaching and empowering me.  
It was a miracle I found you.

-S. N.

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