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Feeding Your Indigo Pet

Posted by EnlightenedIndigoChild on July 4, 2011 at 10:45 PM

One of the most amazing gifts that many Indigo children possess is the ability to talk to animals. Most household pets, like cats and dogs, are quite open to being our best friend and confidante.


And why is it that most pets can so easily talk to Indigos so well? Probably, since they are at a high vibration (like us human Indigos) of expressing unconditional love. With the ability to love so deeply, our animal friends are our true teachers and buddies. These animals have the capacity to allow many of us human Indigos, who can be so rigid or unforgiving of the world’s imperfections, to truly see, remember and re-embrace as to why we incarnated at this time.


Celeste enjoying a homemade treat




Like human Indigos, these animals are highly sensitive to their environment, and can even have food allergies like their Indigo caretakers. They too, when surrounded by negative people and places can close down, act out or turn inward. And just like the Indigo, given the right food, these pets will flourish.


So what is considered the right food for these highly enlightened beings? Well, we know that if an Indigo is given processed white or even whole grain products to eat, they are likely to develop sinus issues, allergies, candida yeast infections, behavior and learning problems.


With these highly spiritually developed pets, the same results will occur if given this type of food. Just like there are gluten free products in the human cuisine, the same is true for pet food. An added plus in feeding your pet a gluten free diet, besides good health, is that there is likely to be less plaque and tartar on their teeth. (The same is true for people.)


An ingredient that is typically seen in a lot of “natural” or “healthy” pet food is sweeteners: beet sugar (not the pulp), fructose, cane molasses, corn syrup (a derivative of corn starch- gives product moisture and flexibility), sorbitol, and sucrose (table sugar). Just like Indigo children, these pets are highly sensitive and cannot handle such substances.


These sweeteners produce the same highs and lows as table sugar and a great deal of stress on the pancreas and adrenals, a condition that may result in fatigue, irritability and diabetes. Corn syrup in particular dilutes other vital nutrients in the diet by providing empty calories devoid of vitamins, minerals, proteins or fats, and can also over stimulate the production of insulin and acidic digestive juices. Not to mention that there may also be dental problems developing, such as cavities and gum disease (loose teeth, swollen or bleeding gums).


Also,many pets (like people) get addicted to sweeteners (junk food), which can cause or aggravate health problems, including chronic ear infections, skin conditions and obesity. Some alternatives would be blackstrap molasses, honey, and Grade B maple syrup. Blackstrap Molasses is not very sweet compared to cane molasses, but it is a source of many trace minerals.


Also,consider that like many Indigo Children, pets can have a great intolerance to soy products as they are missing the necessary amino acid to properly digest this protein. Better to stick to real protein like meat, fish (make sure it is mercury free) or hemp seed.


Unlike what is in human grade food, meat byproducts are common in our pet’s food. Due to the lack of knowledge, it is sometime difficult to truly understand what is always in these meat amalgams. Let’s just keep the rule simple, your pet is special, let’s not feed her some unknown substance with questionable ingredients.



Other ingredients to avoid in your pet’s food are: propylene glycol, artificial flavors, artificial colors(often includes the following coal-tar derivative dyes: FD&C Red #40, Red #3, Yellow#5, Yellow #6, Blue #1 and #2 (increases dogs' sensitivity to fatal viruses such as parvo), sodium nitrite),preservatives (BHT/BHA and Ethoxyquin).


So I think we need to rethink what we feed our pets. My dog Celeste pretty much has an all natural home cooked diet. If anyone needs a recipe, I would be happy to write about it in a future blog.


As for now, read your labels carefully. Your pet deserves the best and is relying on you to make sure she gets it.


Note: You may want to reread our other blogs on food for Indigos to reinforce this idea.

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