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Posted by EnlightenedIndigoChild on June 8, 2013 at 11:25 AM

We recently had an interesting conversation on our Enlightened Indigo Child Facebook group page and I thought it would be beneficial to replay it here. I know that most of our blog members are not on Facebook but this subject discussed may be an important one for many parents of highly intuitive children.


Concerned Member: my daughter keeps telling me casually that she "must be a medium" because she has prophetic dreams, which is fine except I'm worried she may say this to someone who doesn't understand Indigo children and they will react harshly to her. (She is newly 9). I would really appreciate your thoughts. Thank you and be well!


Member 1 Response #1: she will be able to deal with it in her own way, fingers crossed.

Member 1 Response #2: she is not likely to tell just anyone

Member 1 Response #3: 9 is old enough to be discerning for an Indigo.

Member 2 Response #1: I believe it would be good for her to not have your fears.

Member 3 Response #1: My indigo baby will be 9 in December, he sees spirits but knows

 not to mention it outside of our family. Your Daughter will know who she can tell and who not to tell.

Member 3 Response #1: Member#1 said it best. life has a way of bring the best from the worst or worst from the best. be her support remind her of her infinite power she has control of to help us all. F*** FEAR SERIOUSLY  FEAR=BAD/EVIL/SIN

Member 3 Response #2: I've helped a few kids understand and accept their gifts because they had no one else to talk with


Member 4 Response #1: Prophetic dreams are not uncommon for many people, even non-Indigos. It is a more acceptable topic to society than saying you can speak to angels or dead people (which many Indigos can) So I don’t think it is an issue to mention it to other people. But like most topics, we have to teach our children discernment about the topics we do speak about to others. (Just like we need to be careful when speaking about religion or politics, since many people are extremely opinionated on these subjects and get easily agitated, defensive and offensive since they believe their opinion is the only right one. )

Our children are the change that this world needs and we should encourage them to live an authentic life of who they are. But as parents we need them to understand that not everyone is on board with this philosophy and most will judge them or belittle them or label when they play this part out.

Moving forward with this, I would tell my child that “some people don’t like the word “medium” because they find it creepy/ scary/ strange. So lets find a better way to say it.” Plus by calling herself a “medium”, she is already labeling herself. Not good for her personal growth long term. I think a better way would be for her to say, “I had a most exciting/unusual/vivid dream last night. Can I share it with you? “ This way she is not labeling herself nor forcing her belief system on anyone else. Choosing our words carefully before we speak can make a tremendous difference in how we are perceived by others and ourselves. Our words create our reality. It would be great if we could all learn this at an early age.


Concerned Member: Thanks all. I'm worried bc she will be away at summer camp and will only be able to write me letters and she is always talking about her dreams. This is a great way to prepare her.


Member 6 Response #1: keeping a dream journal may help her.


Member 6 Response #2: if she wanted to share a dream journal, she could call it 'imagination exercise' and pretend they are fictional stories instead of dreams...


Member 7 Response #1: My son talks to plants, every plant whether it is in a office or someone's front yard. He told me, "Mamma, people look at me weird." I told him he can stop doing it in front of people or just ignore the people." He said after a thought, "I will ignore the people; plants get ignored all the time."


Concerned Member: Turns out it was a mute point. When I presented her with a dream journal to decorate for camp and used member #4’s great ideas, my awesome kid said "Oh I consider that private and wouldn't tell anyone but you, mama"


Member 8 Response #1: Wow guys..loved this! awesome


Member 8 Response #2: was having a convo w my daughter the other day..she is 11. I told her i was indigo. She said.."i know..u always know whats going to happen and what im gunna say, im never gunna b able to get away with anything when im a teenager!"shes funny.


Raising our children is never a one size fits all. Sometimes when we try our best to find the answers for our kids, the universe solves the problem for us and plays it out in such a way where the solutions just come naturally. Most Indigo Children already know what to do. They just need our love and support to feel confident in their decisions.


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