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Indigos Overcoming Fear on the Earthly Plane

Posted by EnlightenedIndigoChild on February 10, 2013 at 10:10 AM

Although I am pretty comfortable with the etheric realms, I can find it challenging in the 3D.


My experience with ice skating is a perfect example.


When I first heard about a free skating rink in NYC, I was so excited and yet so scared. It reminded me of when I was in middle school and our class went on an all day ice skating trip out of the city. I hurt my knee pretty bad that day when I fell on the ice. My knee was swollen, I had to limp home and call my dad to come and take care of me. The experience impacted me greatly.


The last few times I was on the ice, I held onto the fence around the rink the entire time. Fear had gripped me so much I could not get myself to let go.


The idea of going skating again so many years later still brings up that painful memory, and has made me resistant to doing it. But I was determined to go since the rink was free and so near my home. I had to do a lot of EFT (body tapping technique to release emotional trauma), etheric cord cutting and other techniques to get past my basic fears. . Then I watched YouTube’s on How To Ice Skate. I figured it couldn’t hurt to get a refresher course.


When I got to the rink and I walked onto the ice, I was glued to the rim for the entire time. I did not fall and I skated for about a half an hour, slowly and hanging on to the wall. The next day, I went skating again. Still, I would not let go of the wall. Each day I became braver, and by the sixth day, I had released my fear of falling and finally found that I no longer needed the wall for support. I actually find that I now love ice skating.


As I know many Indigos have lots of insecurities, I felt it would be good to share this story. Everyone can’t be good at everything but with persistence and perseverance, success is inevitable. It’s good to feel successful in the 3D.


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