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Your Higher Self

Posted by EnlightenedIndigoChild on October 27, 2012 at 10:55 AM

Last week, I had two new clients (that do not know each other) each tell me that I had come to them (one said that she actually saw me) etherically, with a special message for them on the morning of their visits. Each of them was fully awake, so they were not dreaming this encounter.

Personally, this is not something that I was intentionally doing and I don’t remember astral traveling for this to happen. Actually, in the morning when they said they met me, I was doing a distance healing on a client. So it seems, at least consciously, that I was busy doing something else.

So the question is how can I be in three places at the same time? I have no clue!


I know that time and distance are just defining elements of the 3D world we live in. And when you ascend to the frequency of 5D, we release these limiting parameters, and have these abilities. But I think I would know it, when it occurs.

I asked Archangel Michael what happened; this is his response:


"Your Higher Self,which can travel between time and space, traveled to your clients' in need."


What can I learn from this experience?


"Your Higher Self acted as a guide for them. The Higher Self, in general, is here to give assistance when the heart is not clear to do so."



It seems that the clients’ tapped into my Higher Self through their own Higher Self. Fascinating.


I guess they felt that they needed to hear the message from me (my Higher Self) rather than going within to find the answer from their own Higher Self. It was probably more reassuring to get an outsider (me) to confirm what they already may have known.


So next time you are looking for guidance, you might want to contact your own Higher Self before looking to an outsider for solutions.


Archangel Michael said that this is what you should say toget in touch with your Higher Self to receive guidance:


"My Higher Self of Love and Light, thank you for your help with____________."


Sit there quietly, focus on your breath and the answers should come.



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