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Energy Clear Your Home

Posted by EnlightenedIndigoChild on March 7, 2012 at 10:35 PM

The energetic aspect of the home is very important to the well being of a sensitive Indigo.


Everything has a vibration or frequency. Just because you can’t see or hear something, it doesn’t mean it’s not there. If you can sense that something is present in your home and it shouldn’t be there, then it probably is real.



A great example of invisible energy would be a dog whistle sound. No one would doubt that the sound is very real to the dog, even if we don’t hear the sound ourselves. Honestly, the home may have many energies within it that we may not sense at all. Even those of us who have sixth sense capabilities may not sense all eerie energies. It really depends on how perceptive and sensitive we are.



Here are some basics on how to tell when the home needs an energetic clearing:


· Pets of your home are staying away from certain areas of your home


· Your dog is barking at something that seems like nothing is there


· Disturbed or unsettling sleep, creepy dreams


· Appliances turning themselves on and off even though no one is touching them


· Lights flashing


· Certain areas of the home have extreme temperature changes


· Getting chills, creepy crawly skin, spasms in your body (assuming that you are not sick) when you stay in certain areas of the home or speak about certain people or on certain topics


· Smelling particular smells that don’t make sense in your home; like cigar smoke or favorite perfume smells from deceased loved ones


· Hearing your name called, even though no one is home or everyone who is home says it wasn’t them


· Seeing spirits fully or moving shadows out of the corner of your eye


· Getting unexplained wounds/scratches, especially noticing them upon waking up in the morning


· Feeling itchy


· Intuitively feeling that something is not right in the home; people on edge, getting sick



I think we have had some of these occurrences happen to us. Sometimes unnnatural energies are just passing through, but more often than not, these energies will end up getting comfortable in your home unless you go out of your way to get them to leave.



It can be as simple request as, “I demand all low frequency energies that are not of Love and Light leave now. You are not welcome here. I demand that you leave now.”



If you feel chills or air moving around you, or feel any of the things on the list above, you can bet that there really is something from another dimension in your home.



At this point, I would say “All Creator (G-d, Goddess, Ascended Masters, Angels and Archangels, Buddha, etc.) energies of Love and Light , please be with me now. Thank you for escorting this low frequency energy to wherever it needs to be for its highest path of enlightenment. Thank you.”



Usually this will do the trick. If that doesn’t work, you can go on to say, “Anyone of Love and Light who knows this entity, please be here now and escort this lost energy to wherever it needs to be for its highest path of enlightenment.”



Sometimes a lost soul needs to recognize the being that is escorting it, or it will not leave. Not everyone recognizes the higher frequency energies of different gods/goddesses.



And finally you can continue to clear the space by requesting, “Ascended beings of Love and Light, please remove all cords of attachment between me, my home, my family (you can name them individually for clarity purposes), and this energy that has been cleared. Please vacuum all the debris from this clearing and send this energy to the Light to be transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. Thank you.”



And that should do it. If you still feel that there is something lingering, it may be time to call in a professional space clearer for this purpose. Personally, I have done many clearings of many homes and people. At times, there can be sticky alien energies that do not move easily. Some may have to be taken in pieces due to all the cords of attachments and some have hidden layers of cronies that may be present, but not seen until you get through the layers above them. Some may have a message that they want to tell. It doesn’t matter. My philosophy is they don’t belong and they have to leave. Period.



It does help if you get yourself grounded before doing this clearing as it will keep you from losing power and falling into the fear mode. Bringing in the element of smoke and fire through the use of sage and candles can also be a benefit. Sometimes I have a CD playing with grounding sounds (whales, nature, singing bowls, etc.) in the background to assist in keeping the whole situation and me more fully in my power.



I hope this helps those who have uninvited guests in their homes. My mom often says, “If they aren’t paying rent, then it’s time for them to move out.”



If you stay strong and in the emotion of Love (not fear), you should succeed.

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