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A Personal Experience on Clearing Space

Posted by EnlightenedIndigoChild on March 11, 2011 at 9:40 PM

Clearing space can be a very easy thing to do. A little white light, a little angel energy, a bit of sage or perhaps some high frequency sounds like Tibetan bells or whale music. Actually there are a plethora of space clearing techniques that usually work, but what do you do when some persistent low frequency energies come in and refuse to leave?


Well here’s what happened to me this weekend.


My mom and I just spent 3 days out of town learning a little more about how to work with the angelic realm. Quite an uplifting course with the usual motley crew of classmates.


The most significant lesson I learned was not even in the class but was a real life encounter with some zombie looking lost souls that visited me in the hotel room. By the way, this was not a run-down shabby hotel, but quite an upscale modern edifice, so I really did not expect to have this kind of issue here. But one never knows what will present itself when you are seeing into the fifth dimension.


To begin with, in the classroom lecture, the teacher emphasized the security and capability of the archangels. But in my real life encounter of needing them, this was not the case.


It was Sunday 2 a.m. and I was finding it hard to fall asleep. When I did start to feel drowsy and my eyelids started to close, I noticed zombie images materializing in front of me.


I would like to mention that I did not eat anything weird that night, nor did I watch any scary shows that had anything resembling these kinds of images. Generally, when I do see dead people, they can be in 3D and in full color or black and white, or 2D in full color or black and white. I have never seen zombies before though.


As this was going on, I was thinking back about how auspicious it was that one of the teachers just told us his personal story about being on an airplane with turbulence, and when he called on the archangels to help, the turbulence stopped. The teacher then went on to say that if you need help, call on the archangels and they will assist you.


Since the images of the zombies were not going away, and I saw them with both my eyes open and closed, I called on the archangels. I asked, pleaded, begged, prayed, cajoled them for help or assistance; nothing happened.


Now I have to tell you, I am really sensitive to energies. Even when I am not actively trying to see angels or archangels, I see them. So you can guess how annoyed I was for not hearing from them or seeing them now when I needed them. Also, I must note that usually, I can talk to the dead and get them to give me some space. Again, this was not the case. They actually got closer and the images of them got clearer. This was indicating to me they were having fun with me.


So I called upon my usual backup team. I began with Master Mikao Usui, a Japanese Buddhist who created the healing art of Reiki. Since I am a Reiki Master Teacher, and have used many of the techniques of Reiki to help with these kinds of circumstances, I thought Master Usui would be appropriate. Instead, Master Usui said that I should talk to the Egyptian Goddess Isis. Isis said to talk to Pele, the Hawaiian Goddess of fire and volcanoes. Pele very quickly showed me how to protect myself and the room. The zombies were gone immediately.


The next day, at the angel class, I asked one of the teachers why the archangels were not helpful when I needed them; his answer: “Some dead souls don’t resonate with angels; it is a religious thing. Some resonate better with Buddha, Ganesh, Christ, Ascended Masters. It depends.”


My brain at this moment is thinking, “So I have to feel the wrath of some dead people because the dead people do not like who I am calling in for help?” Does that sound bogus to you or is it just me? It is like saying I’m not going to help you even if you really need it because I am not the same religion as you.


The angels and archangels are non-denominational. The dead people are dead. They have no right to be able to keep me up at 2 in the morning. My point being this: just because a supposed teacher either spiritually based or otherwise says something, does not mean it is true. My other thought is that most of the archangels have never been human so in my opinion, they don’t seem to understand human suffering; they think everything is a lesson to learn (I talked to the archangels personally after this event; they said they did not help since I needed to learn a lesson.)


I need to also point out that a similar event has happened before. I called the archangels and they did not assist then either. I remember that I went on strike for a while and refused to talk to them for a bit of time after this. My main point is if one source of clearing does not work, try another. Just remain stalwart, show no fear and try a different approach. Somebody up there is always looking out for us, even if it’s not your first choice.


Pele's Clearing:


Ground yourself. Energetically run volcano fire from the crown chakra to your feet through your core. Radiate this out through you to the space. Surround the perimeter of the space with this energy flow. Know Pele is with you and then say:


I am guided and protected. I am full of love and light.


Try this the next time you want to clear your space. It worked for me!

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