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Thanksgiving: The Real Story

Posted by EnlightenedIndigoChild on November 19, 2010 at 9:30 PM

Very intuitive Indigos can channel information regardless of time or space. This is information given to Diandra directly from Native American collective from the era of the Pilgrims settling here in this country. Hope you enjoy the real story.


Native American insight:


“There was a bright light, coming from large white clouds. At first we thought it was an Umpqua tribe trying a night attack; then we saw well polished tall boats. There were shadowed people, fully clothed with no furs, and sad energy around their craft. We, as the night shift, returned to our own people to warn them of the new people who arrived.


One of our chief elders told us of a vision he had of sad people. One of the healing women said she had been having nightly dreams for the past week of newcomers. Other members of our clan had mentioned a change in the native animals, a feeling of unrest, like waiting for a storm.


Sentries were sent out around our camp day and night. Messengers were sent out to other clans in the area of the new visitors. After a full moon cycle, our neighboring clans had a meeting. We discussed what we observed of the newcomers. We noticed that the new group was loud at first. Then their numbers dwindled.


They did not seem to understand how to work and survive out here. We also noted that although these newcomers had been here a while, the native animals were still on edge.


Some of the wise men still had visions that showed there was something off by them. The healing women did not have any better things to say about the newcomers. We decided to wait and give the new people some more time.


We watched and observed. Their numbers continued to dwindle more and more. Their life force was fading. Some of us went to help the new people. They could not be helped. The people were dying. The new people looked surprised and frightened by our help. Communication was not easy between us. Just like a scared hurt animal, they had to be approached with care and consideration. Their language was hard to understand and their tones were harsh to our ears, but we knew that they meant well.


We were able to get the new people over the coldest months.To show gratitude, the new people had a large feast in honor of our help. “


We hope this story brings insight to the commemoration of Thanksgiving. We wish you a happy and healthy celebration with your family and friends.




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