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Hug a Tree!

Posted by EnlightenedIndigoChild on July 19, 2010 at 9:40 PM

Wow. What a concept. Yes, hug a tree! Try it for 15 minutes straight and see if you don't feel like a new person.

Don't have a tree in your backyard? Then just lay on the grass and rub your bare feet and hands into the earth.


Dont have a backyard? We dont either. Find a park nearby with a patch of grass or soil, and you're ready to go.


Don't have a park? Yes it can be tough for us urbanites.


Well, believe this: being barefoot on the concrete will detox sensory overload more than standing there with your shoes on.


One of the biggest disservices to humankind is wearing shoes all day. They literally insulate you from Mother Earth and leave you in a place of disconnect. Not a good scenario if you are an Indigo.

It doesn't have to always be grass or soil or concrete. The beach sand is good, or even standing barefoot on large rocky ground. Anything that will get your shoes and socks off and have you connect directly to the earth.


This simple act of being one with the the Earth, will be a good grounding meditation and it should leave you feeling focused, refreshed and strong in your physical and mental body.


The element of earth allows us to connect with our inner wisdom and strength. Mother Earth provides the feminine nurturing energy. And ALL of us can use an extra nurturing mother.


In rituals, earth is used as an element to help us to stay grounded, and give us stability. Earth is made fruitful by all the other elements and is the center and foundation of all things in our life. The planet Earth is the foundation of our lives but the element of earth also exists in the form of energy that is around us and within us. It is important to draw on that grounding, nourishing energy on a regular basis to stay well.


Connecting with nature is so important for Indigos. It will allow you to feel the rhythm of your home planet and to discharge emotional overload. Mother Earth will help you, but only if you let her.

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