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Giving Thanks

Posted by EnlightenedIndigoChild on November 24, 2011 at 10:00 PM

In conventional circles, Thanksgiving is when we stuff our faces, and show off to our family. But as Indigos, we know that Thanksgiving is a time to remember our blessings and feel gratitude for them.


Reflecting on the spirit of the holiday, here are some channeled words of wisdom from the original Pilgrims at the original Thanksgiving celebration.


We were scared; most of our food supplies were gone. Our people were dying or sick and we were not prepared for the cold season ahead. The native people, of this new land,opened their homes to us. They provided food; took care of our sick and helped us bury the dead.


These glorious people taught us how to forage, and to redefine our own limitations. They were our light when there was darkness all around us. For this we are grateful. For this we give thanks. Amen.


I hope this holiday reminds you of the many blessings present in your life. Situations we face today are not as dire as those the Pilgrims faced, and I am grateful for this.


In my life, gratitude is a daily habit, like brushing my teeth or combing my hair. Today is just a more conscious version of it. Time for a gratitude dance!

The Gratitude Dance

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Music for Health

Posted by EnlightenedIndigoChild on August 20, 2010 at 9:50 PM

They say that “music soothes the savage beast”, and since Indigos can have a wild side, it is important that they get a daily dose of melodic rhythm that soothes. Music therapy is a new field of healing science that has been shown to affect the physical, mental and emotional levels of most who hear it. This music or sound therapy should be grounding, uplifting, and possibly include sounds of nature.


The cool thing about music is that it is a universal language. There is no interpreter needed to translate it. It transcends the spoken word on many levels.


If you are an Indigo Child, try to expose yourself to music that makes you feel relaxed or happy. Make sure that there are uplifting words in the lyrics. If it is particularly soothing, consider listening to it as you sleep. This way you are being entrained for 8 hours to be more centered and grounded.


At an early age, I had a love for music. I remember dancing around our living room to my mom’s old records; having a ball singing and dancing along to these great songs. My mom used to tell me stories of how when she was a kid, she taught herself how to play the guitar, and made up songs on her little keyboard piano. Even to this day, my mom is always making up new songs. When I got my own small keyboard, I too, started creating songs.


When I was in high school and needed to concentrate or had to write a long thesis paper, I found the amazing power of Hemi-Sync® from The Monroe Institute. Hemi-Sync® is an outstanding sound technology that influences our brainwave patterns and ultimately affects our states of consciousness. I found their music so helpful when I needed to do schoolwork or study for a test.


Another form of music that greatly influenced my life is the sound of the humpback whales. Ever since I heard the CD of the humpback whales, I felt an instant connection. I found that if I played the CD on speakers, it not only cleared me, it cleared the room of most low frequency energies that were there. Also, our beta-fish loved hearing the music. Another thought on the whale sounds – when my mom plays it in her office during working hours, the staff and patients are more relaxed, and the whole day flows better.


Indigo Children are very sensitive. They not only enjoy music, they need music.