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A Personal Experience on Clearing Space

Posted by EnlightenedIndigoChild on March 11, 2011 at 9:40 PM

Clearing space can be a very easy thing to do. A little white light, a little angel energy, a bit of sage or perhaps some high frequency sounds like Tibetan bells or whale music. Actually there are a plethora of space clearing techniques that usually work, but what do you do when some persistent low frequency energies come in and refuse to leave?


Well here’s what happened to me this weekend.


My mom and I just spent 3 days out of town learning a little more about how to work with the angelic realm. Quite an uplifting course with the usual motley crew of classmates.


The most significant lesson I learned was not even in the class but was a real life encounter with some zombie looking lost souls that visited me in the hotel room. By the way, this was not a run-down shabby hotel, but quite an upscale modern edifice, so I really did not expect to have this kind of issue here. But one never knows what will present itself when you are seeing into the fifth dimension.


To begin with, in the classroom lecture, the teacher emphasized the security and capability of the archangels. But in my real life encounter of needing them, this was not the case.


It was Sunday 2 a.m. and I was finding it hard to fall asleep. When I did start to feel drowsy and my eyelids started to close, I noticed zombie images materializing in front of me.


I would like to mention that I did not eat anything weird that night, nor did I watch any scary shows that had anything resembling these kinds of images. Generally, when I do see dead people, they can be in 3D and in full color or black and white, or 2D in full color or black and white. I have never seen zombies before though.


As this was going on, I was thinking back about how auspicious it was that one of the teachers just told us his personal story about being on an airplane with turbulence, and when he called on the archangels to help, the turbulence stopped. The teacher then went on to say that if you need help, call on the archangels and they will assist you.


Since the images of the zombies were not going away, and I saw them with both my eyes open and closed, I called on the archangels. I asked, pleaded, begged, prayed, cajoled them for help or assistance; nothing happened.


Now I have to tell you, I am really sensitive to energies. Even when I am not actively trying to see angels or archangels, I see them. So you can guess how annoyed I was for not hearing from them or seeing them now when I needed them. Also, I must note that usually, I can talk to the dead and get them to give me some space. Again, this was not the case. They actually got closer and the images of them got clearer. This was indicating to me they were having fun with me.


So I called upon my usual backup team. I began with Master Mikao Usui, a Japanese Buddhist who created the healing art of Reiki. Since I am a Reiki Master Teacher, and have used many of the techniques of Reiki to help with these kinds of circumstances, I thought Master Usui would be appropriate. Instead, Master Usui said that I should talk to the Egyptian Goddess Isis. Isis said to talk to Pele, the Hawaiian Goddess of fire and volcanoes. Pele very quickly showed me how to protect myself and the room. The zombies were gone immediately.


The next day, at the angel class, I asked one of the teachers why the archangels were not helpful when I needed them; his answer: “Some dead souls don’t resonate with angels; it is a religious thing. Some resonate better with Buddha, Ganesh, Christ, Ascended Masters. It depends.”


My brain at this moment is thinking, “So I have to feel the wrath of some dead people because the dead people do not like who I am calling in for help?” Does that sound bogus to you or is it just me? It is like saying I’m not going to help you even if you really need it because I am not the same religion as you.


The angels and archangels are non-denominational. The dead people are dead. They have no right to be able to keep me up at 2 in the morning. My point being this: just because a supposed teacher either spiritually based or otherwise says something, does not mean it is true. My other thought is that most of the archangels have never been human so in my opinion, they don’t seem to understand human suffering; they think everything is a lesson to learn (I talked to the archangels personally after this event; they said they did not help since I needed to learn a lesson.)


I need to also point out that a similar event has happened before. I called the archangels and they did not assist then either. I remember that I went on strike for a while and refused to talk to them for a bit of time after this. My main point is if one source of clearing does not work, try another. Just remain stalwart, show no fear and try a different approach. Somebody up there is always looking out for us, even if it’s not your first choice.


Pele's Clearing:


Ground yourself. Energetically run volcano fire from the crown chakra to your feet through your core. Radiate this out through you to the space. Surround the perimeter of the space with this energy flow. Know Pele is with you and then say:


I am guided and protected. I am full of love and light.


Try this the next time you want to clear your space. It worked for me!

The Power of Your Words

Posted by EnlightenedIndigoChild on February 20, 2011 at 9:40 PM

There is an old expression: “It is not what you say, but how you say it..”


With this in mind, I have noticed that many people speak in an absolutely vile tone of disdain. Almost as if everything in their life is terrible or boring, even if the words they use, say it isn’t.


With many of these people, I notice that their voice is sweet; no screaming or yelling anywhere. And the words that they choose are also kind, without any profanity. However, their tonality is usually full of criticism, disdain, cynicism and pretentious qualities.


The best example of this was in school this week. One of the teachers spoke to my classmate as if she were 3 years old and had done something terrible. Actually, she is an adult and she had done nothing wrong. But it was obvious that the instructor had a chip on his shoulder and needed to vent on someone. Unfortunately, she was it. He left the scene feeling quite superior about his pompous self, and my classmate and others around her were quite disturbed by the whole matter. He never said one word that was insulting but spoke in a tone of “you know nothing and I know everything”.


According to Universal Law of Attraction, you attract what you put out there. This particular teacher is not a happy person and he always seems to be sharing details of his miserable personal life. As for my classmate, what happened to her, I’m not surprised, as I have seen her speak in a similar tone to others, although not quite as severe as the teacher had done to her.


So what is the lesson learned here? It is always best to speak in a positive tone. It may be tough to control your thoughts, but the written and spoken words that come from you can have a tremendous impact on your life and those around you. And remember, once they come out, you can not retrieve them.


The next time you know the answer to a question or want to help someone, do not absent-mindedly say “no problem”. This is not a positive response as the word “no” and “problem” have been brought into the equation. Both are negative words. Better to think in the affirmative. “ Yes. I can do this.” or “I would love to help you."


Or if your friend is wearing an ugly shirt, do not say "I guess you didn’t have time to do your laundry and that must have been the last shirt in your dresser." But do come up with something positive like “I love the frog pattern on your blouse. It reminds me of my fun time in the countryside as a kid.“


We cannot control the way other people speak but we do have total control over our own words. Differentiate yourself from the masses and be the leader that you are meant to be. Own your vocabulary and speak well so that others will wish to emulate you. Indigos are the change for the better. Speak it.


Emotional Sensitivities

Posted by EnlightenedIndigoChild on September 30, 2010 at 10:15 PM

Indigos are known to have emotional sensitivities. And they are notorious for being able to “read” people and their true nature. So even if you think nothing of the conversation you may have had with an Indigo, be assured that the Indigo is seeing the conversation on a whole other level.


I went to the store to run some errands. When I returned home to my apartment building, there was a new doorman awaiting my arrival. He smiled at me with that “fake kissing up to your employer” smirk. He asked me who I was. I said my name, apartment number, and then explained that I had just moved in. He responded “with?”


I again repeated my original answer. He again said “with?” At this point, it occurred to me that he thought I was a little kid and that I lived with my parents, not that I was over the age of 21, legally able to vote and drink. Not wanting to express the real anger I had for this guy, I just responded “with my parents.” He said okay, and I trotted down the hallway to the elevators.


Before this encounter, I would notice all the great things about my new building. The huge elegant lobby and the shiney marble floors in the lobby hallway. After this encounter, the halls looked shabby and the elevators archaic.


Maybe most people would think nothing of my conversation with the doorman and say that I am taking the situation way too personally. Or maybe they would say that I look like I am fourteen and dress even younger, so or course the doorman would assume I live with my parents.


But I am not MOST people. I am an Indigo. I can tell when someone is being phony, like the doorman with his fraudulent smile. I hate it when people make assumptions, like the doorman did with me about living with my parents. And lastly, I loathe it when people talk down to me, like the doorman did in his tone of voice.


I can tell the difference when people are being genuine and when people are being fake. When you know who you are, you will see quickly who other people aren't.


As an Indigo, do you have any stories, where someone said something uncariing and harmless, yet it affected you on a deep level. We sensitive souled people need to support each other. Feel free to share your tale of arrogance from others, or better yet, any technique for dealing with these tactless people who say the most condescending things.



Celestial Secrets: Puppy Wisdom

Posted by EnlightenedIndigoChild on September 21, 2010 at 10:05 PM

As a first time dog owner, and as a former scaredy-cat of dogs, you could say that co-habitating with a dog is a "big deal". When Celeste first came into my life, I did not fully appreciate how extraordinary she was. At that time, I was just getting used to her barking and getting her potty trained. When I actually started to talk to her telepathically, I learned that she had great secrets and insights to share about life.


When I was walking Celeste in the park one day, I started to prepare to talk to her. To even try to talk to her, I had to get extremely heart centered. She told me to breathe in deeply, in through my nose and out through my mouth. As I changed my breathing, the trees started to connect to me energetically. First, it was through their branches to my branches (arms). Then the trees connected to my legs, through their legs (roots).


I started to see a holographic grid pattern overlapping the actual trees. The grid was not on one tree but connected to all the trees and grass. As I became more heart centered, I saw that the grid was connecting to us as well. The quote that I have often heard my mom say, finally clicked: “We are all one.”


And we are.



Animal Communication

Posted by EnlightenedIndigoChild on September 19, 2010 at 10:05 PM

My first conversation as an animal communicator was with our male Red-Eared-Slider. His name is Theodore-The-Turtle or T Cubed. We rescued (bought) him in Chinatown on September 11, 2005. He was our 9-11 miracle and our proclamation of moving forward amidst the 9-11 somber memorial that was ongoing in NYC.


During 2005, I was just discovering my gifts. The possibility of talking to animals was never brought up. But one day, the question was asked “So, can you talk to Theodore?” My reply was, “I don’t know, I have never tried. But I will.” So, that is exactly what I did. Well, we had a great conversation about his diet and what he needed from us, his owners. From that moment forward, we have had meaningful and thoughtful talks.


In the summer of 2009, my family and I went on a long distance vacation. Theodore and Celeste (my yorkipoo) were not with us, as they were being babysat back at home.


My family went on a short day excursion, but I did not feel well so I stayed in our hotel room. I turned on the TV, and went flipping through the channels. The movie “Dr. Dolittle 3” caught my eye. I had seen the previous Dr. Dolittle movies with Eddie Murphy, and I had also seen the original “Doctor Dolittle” (from 1967) with my parents many years ago. Though I had liked the Dolittle movies, I had never resonated with them. You would think I would love them since they are about a person who can talk to animals. But I am not a male or a middle aged doctor. I am a young female just discovering my own intuitive gifts. In the “Dr. Dolittle 3,” the main character is Maya Dolittle (Dr. Dolittle’s daughter). She is a young teenage girl and learns to accept her gift of "talking to the animals".


By the time my family had returned, I had watched “Dr. Dolittle 3” three times in a row. I had found her character to be someone I could relate to. She portrayed someone who was intelligent, gifted, and functioning on this Earthly plane. She also had to deal with how her friends would treat her if they knew she could talk to animals. Wow. I could really relate to that.


To this day, I will watch this movie any time I need a reminder that it is alright to be so young, female, educated and gifted. She was an excellent role model for me at a time that I really needed one.


So I would like to encourage any young people who are reading this that it is okay to be who you are. Own it and share it. We need some more healthy role models. And also please share your stories about animal communication. We can all learn from each other.

Dr. DoLittle  3 Trailer 



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Posted by EnlightenedIndigoChild on September 12, 2010 at 10:00 PM

An easy way to stay present is to list all the current things you are grateful for.


This list does not have to be complicated with the extravagant things you own. You can start with the fact that you have eyes to read this Blog. And your fingers are nimble enough to work a keyboard on the computer that took you here. Most people take for granted the simplest things in life. By taking assessment of the grandeur of you, you can start to see the miracles in your life.


I find making this list before I go to bed, really helpful. Bedtime is a vulnerable time for our mind. Our mind can start to blame and criticize us for what we did or did not do during the day. It can seem to have no censoring system, leaving no fault of ours left unturned. If we let our minds take control, I bet it would go further than just today. With this list, we can train our mind via new electrical neuron pathways to have gratitude for the day’s events.


I also find this list helpful to make whenever I sense a low frequency energy in my room. Gratitude is a high frequency. When we get our entire consciousness on this good vibration, the low frequency can not tolerate it, and it will leave. Think of it as a really cheerful person saying “Good morning” to a grouchy person. The grouch usually can not stand how joyful the other person is and will either change its own vibration to match, or eventually separate itself from the happy person.


Another plus to this list is the use of the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction states that what you think about, is what you will attract into your life. So if you are grateful for all the good things and people in your life you will just get more of that vibration.


Final thought would be to think happy thoughts to attract more happiness. :)

Message from the Trees

Posted by EnlightenedIndigoChild on August 30, 2010 at 9:55 PM

My mom and I are in Portland, Oregon this week. It’s a big difference from NYC.


The trees are everywhere and the grass feels like the most luxurious shag carpeting. It’s been a beautiful week with beautiful weather.


This change in environment has been very therapeutic for us. Every day we have run barefoot on the grass and literally hugged a tree. Lots of detox and grounding going on.


Today we met a tree who insisted his name was Fred. We laid on the grass with our feet on the tree, and breathed deeply. As we were relaxing, I noticed that there was a tree grid. It was green, spider webby, and interconnected with the other trees. It was an exhilarating feeling to feel so grounded and protected by the trees.


­­­The message from Fred, was that being still is healing. We should all take time to enjoy the simple pleasures of nature. And this will bring us to a state of gratitude.


It is so important to quiet the mind. If you cannot quite master the art of going within through meditation, then going out and becoming one with the earth, will definitely be a close second.


When we finished our nature connection, we were totally energized and yet very relaxed. It was therapeutic on many levels. But with all that, there’s still no place like home. I can’t wait to hug Celeste (my puppy).

Music for Health

Posted by EnlightenedIndigoChild on August 20, 2010 at 9:50 PM

They say that “music soothes the savage beast”, and since Indigos can have a wild side, it is important that they get a daily dose of melodic rhythm that soothes. Music therapy is a new field of healing science that has been shown to affect the physical, mental and emotional levels of most who hear it. This music or sound therapy should be grounding, uplifting, and possibly include sounds of nature.


The cool thing about music is that it is a universal language. There is no interpreter needed to translate it. It transcends the spoken word on many levels.


If you are an Indigo Child, try to expose yourself to music that makes you feel relaxed or happy. Make sure that there are uplifting words in the lyrics. If it is particularly soothing, consider listening to it as you sleep. This way you are being entrained for 8 hours to be more centered and grounded.


At an early age, I had a love for music. I remember dancing around our living room to my mom’s old records; having a ball singing and dancing along to these great songs. My mom used to tell me stories of how when she was a kid, she taught herself how to play the guitar, and made up songs on her little keyboard piano. Even to this day, my mom is always making up new songs. When I got my own small keyboard, I too, started creating songs.


When I was in high school and needed to concentrate or had to write a long thesis paper, I found the amazing power of Hemi-Sync® from The Monroe Institute. Hemi-Sync® is an outstanding sound technology that influences our brainwave patterns and ultimately affects our states of consciousness. I found their music so helpful when I needed to do schoolwork or study for a test.


Another form of music that greatly influenced my life is the sound of the humpback whales. Ever since I heard the CD of the humpback whales, I felt an instant connection. I found that if I played the CD on speakers, it not only cleared me, it cleared the room of most low frequency energies that were there. Also, our beta-fish loved hearing the music. Another thought on the whale sounds – when my mom plays it in her office during working hours, the staff and patients are more relaxed, and the whole day flows better.


Indigo Children are very sensitive. They not only enjoy music, they need music.

The Indigo Grid

Posted by EnlightenedIndigoChild on August 10, 2010 at 9:50 PM

There is a universal grid that connects all the psychic children, especially those with an open heart. It is a pure channel. Low frequencies are not allowed. This is their message:


“We are the Children of Oz. Our matrix grid is blue and our rainbow is always present. If you haven’t found us already, and you are an Indigo, we will help you to find your way here for guidance. Here is our meditation for you:


Find a relaxing place. Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Imagine rainbow light coming down through your Crown. Radiate it through your body, through your spine, torso, arms and legs. See this rainbow energy coming through your feet into the center of the Earth, grounding you. Imagine that the air you breathe is also rainbow.


You may start to feel tingly and floaty. This is a sign that you are connecting. Through your Third Eye, look for the rainbow and the blue grid. It is bright royal blue in color. You may see the children on each of the grid points. Continue to breathe deeply and radiate the rainbow through you.


Ask anything that you feel needs an answer. We will always be here to help you. Remember to connect and we are here.”


Diandra has connected many times with this grid. It is comforting and always provides positive helpful guidance. It is here for all Indigos, Crystals and Rainbows, regardless of age.


There are many different frequencies of grids in the Ethers.There are ones for Angels, another for Ascended Masters, another for Guides, and another for pets, etc. The Children of Oz grid is specifically for our Indigo Children.


You are never alone. The Universe is here to support you. And so are we.

Hug a Tree!

Posted by EnlightenedIndigoChild on July 19, 2010 at 9:40 PM

Wow. What a concept. Yes, hug a tree! Try it for 15 minutes straight and see if you don't feel like a new person.

Don't have a tree in your backyard? Then just lay on the grass and rub your bare feet and hands into the earth.


Dont have a backyard? We dont either. Find a park nearby with a patch of grass or soil, and you're ready to go.


Don't have a park? Yes it can be tough for us urbanites.


Well, believe this: being barefoot on the concrete will detox sensory overload more than standing there with your shoes on.


One of the biggest disservices to humankind is wearing shoes all day. They literally insulate you from Mother Earth and leave you in a place of disconnect. Not a good scenario if you are an Indigo.

It doesn't have to always be grass or soil or concrete. The beach sand is good, or even standing barefoot on large rocky ground. Anything that will get your shoes and socks off and have you connect directly to the earth.


This simple act of being one with the the Earth, will be a good grounding meditation and it should leave you feeling focused, refreshed and strong in your physical and mental body.


The element of earth allows us to connect with our inner wisdom and strength. Mother Earth provides the feminine nurturing energy. And ALL of us can use an extra nurturing mother.


In rituals, earth is used as an element to help us to stay grounded, and give us stability. Earth is made fruitful by all the other elements and is the center and foundation of all things in our life. The planet Earth is the foundation of our lives but the element of earth also exists in the form of energy that is around us and within us. It is important to draw on that grounding, nourishing energy on a regular basis to stay well.


Connecting with nature is so important for Indigos. It will allow you to feel the rhythm of your home planet and to discharge emotional overload. Mother Earth will help you, but only if you let her.