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About Your Visit

The session begins with a brief conversation about the concerns you want to address.  While you lie comfortably on a massage table, I work in the energy field around your body.  No physical touch is used. Energy healing reaches through the stress and confusion of everyday life and gently touches your inner world. It can be used simply to feel  good or to support challenge or change in your life. Energy work returns us to our place of balance and facilitates our inner healing process. 

Each session is a unique experience. There is room for emotional and physical sensations, thoughts, images, subtle/spiritual experiences and deep silence. Frequently a client will move through several of these areas in a connected  fashion in one session. You may feel muscle twitches, skin tingles or deep emotional release of grief, as old energy patterns are released. Integration of the experiences occur throughout the session. Additional integration time is provided at the end to create a feeling of personal balance. 

The work is offered from the perspective that there is an inner intelligence or wisdom deep within each of  us. When followed, it can guide us towards wholeness. And by learning to follow our own guidance, we live our life more fully.

An intuitive does not interpret your experience - the insight you gain in the session provides the interpretation. The energy offered in a session is universal and healing in nature. It is not my personal energy being transferred to you. 

All I can say is WOW!!!!!!!!
Diandra is such an amazing intuitive. She helped me, and my family in a way words can't describe. You must see it to believe it. I think anyone who has any emotional issues, or any issues in life (health, love life, family,spiritual etc) or need a guidance in life Diandra is one who can guide, and help you.

Tranquility   *   Peace   *   Love


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